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The Big Belas Band was founded in 2011 by professor Dr. Marco Aurélio Koentopp at the renowned School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná (UNESPAR - EMBAP), located in the city of Curitiba, Brazil.

Recognizing the students' interest in exploring jazz and Brazilian music, the professor decided to create a big band with a traditional formation, adding talented instrumentalists from the institution.

Since its creation, the group has been composed of EMBAP students and teachers, as well as occasionally featuring external community guests.

Professor Marco Aurélio Koentop

Founder of Big Belas Band

Photography by Eduardo Moura

Big Belas Band performing Sing Sing Sing at Capela Santa Maria in 2012

Composition by Luis Prima and arrangement by Jeff Hest

Recorded by Admo Santos


Throughout its trajectory, the Big Belas Band has consolidated its presence in the cultural scene of southern Brazil, performing hundreds of concerts in concert halls, events, schools, churches, and other varied occasions. The dedication and passion for music have led the group to perform in several cities, spreading the art of jazz and Brazilian music, and significantly contributing to the local culture.

The Big Belas Band has collaborated with choirs, presented repertoire of film scores, and participated in regional, national, and international events. These experiences have further enriched the group's performance and expanded its reach and impact. International partnerships have also been established, such as the collaboration with the Portuguese group Camerata Vocal de Torres Vedras.

Big Belas Band performing the music Clap Yo' Hands

Composed by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin and arranged by Pete King


In 2017, the Big Belas Band established a prominent collaboration with Click AudioWorks studio, beginning the production of their first album titled "Big Belas Band por ela mesma" (Big Belas Band by itself). The album is entirely composed of original music created by the talented members of the group and UNESPAR - EMBAP students, showcasing the band's artistic value and versatility.

Following the success of their first album, in 2020, the Big Belas Band returned to Click AudioWorks studio to record their second CD titled "Big Belas Band por ela mesma 2" (Big Belas Band by itself 2). Maintaining the proposal of presenting only original music, the group expanded its reach by performing a recorded show digitally streamed for the delight of its growing and diversified audience.

Both CDs were supported by the cultural incentive laws of the municipality of Curitiba, demonstrating the recognition and importance of the Big Belas Band in the local artistic scene.

Big Belas Band performing the music Criatura Mítica at the Studio Click AudioWorks

Original composition by Hugo Yasha made for Big Belas Band


Dedicated to innovation and expanding its reach among diverse audiences, in 2023, the Big Belas Band will embark on the creation of a digital game, seeking to expand the promotion of its music through new media.

The soundtrack of this innovative game will be entirely composed of original works, carefully executed by the Big Belas Band, providing a unique and engaging experience for the players while celebrating the creativity and talent of the group.

Concept art of the game Big Band, O Resgate

Original art created by Leo Carrasco


The Big Belas Band has the privilege of having a highly skilled and dedicated group of professors from UNESPAR - EMBAP, who play a fundamental role in the group. They collaborate with the group in various ways, from guiding the students and rehearsals to creating new musical arrangements and compositions.

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